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Hot Babes In Fuck Mood

May 18th, 2013 by shayne | Comments Off on Hot Babes In Fuck Mood | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

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These two smoking hot babes are all about getting off as they start making out with each other completely naked. It does not take long for their third roommate to enter into the fun with his hard cock getting sucked. In this girlfriend revenge session these three suck and fuck until one by one they all get off. Before long this turns into revenge porn as it get posted on the internet for pure revenge.

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Sexy GF Ass Fucking

May 16th, 2013 by shayne | Comments Off on Sexy GF Ass Fucking | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

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This smoking hot girlfriend is in her hot bikini and is getting out of her car at the gas station and is filling up her tank. Once the car is full she gets back in the car to find her boyfriend rock hard and ready to fuck. They film the entire fuck session and as soon as they break up he gets his girlfriend revenge by posting the entire video on the revenge porn site!

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Nasty Ebony GF Gets Big Booty Jizzed

January 31st, 2013 by shayne | Comments Off on Nasty Ebony GF Gets Big Booty Jizzed | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

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The video here starts out pretty innocent with just a black guy playing with his ebony girlfriend while she’s only wearing a towel. But after some antics, it becomes plain that she’s not the least bit shy about having sex, and eventually she agrees to lose the towel and give us a great view of her delicious curves and huge tits. Then it’s back to the bedroom to get a good view of her skills as a great cocksucker. But that’s only the start of it, before he gets her down on the bed to fuck her properly and cum on her ass.

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Amateur Ex GF Sex Pics

January 9th, 2013 by shayne | Comments Off on Amateur Ex GF Sex Pics | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

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There was this hot blonde chick who wanted to give her boyfriend a special present. And she even let him film it, so he could watch later. At first, she started out just flirting with him, letting him get a good look at her wonderful legs in a really short skirt. But after teasing him a bit, her clothes come off deliciously slow, showing her perky tits and tight ass. Then she gets down on her knees to top it off with a really hot blowjob! What more could a guy ask for, except, apparently to share the experience with the internet.

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Cum Loving GF Sucks Cock

December 8th, 2012 by shayne | Comments Off on Cum Loving GF Sucks Cock | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

nasty gf blowjob

While getting ready for a date with her boyfriend, this brunette isn’t trying to be filmed. After a little convincing and seeing how hard his dick is, she gives in. She could never turn down a hard dick anyway. She gives in and lets him pull down her tank top, showing her big tits and hard nipples. She quickly gets on her knees in the bathroom and pulls his dick out of his boxers to suck. As she is licking and sucking his dick, she feels her pussy getting wet. He turns her over and fucks her from the back before pounding her pussy missionary style. She loves watching him cum so he cums all over her pussy.

GF Blowjob Pics

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Show Us Your Cheating Girlfriend

October 27th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on Show Us Your Cheating Girlfriend | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

cheating gfs
So you caught your girlfriend pissing in her panties over the toilet, drunk as fuck. What did you do? Take a picture! And now that it has come out that that little slut had been cheating on you with every single one of your friends, what do you do with that picture? Post it to GF Revenge and get back at the lying skank, that’s what! These girls fucked one too many men over and now they are paying the ultimate price by being objectified on the net by complete strangers who were never meant to see their most intimate, and sometimes crazy, moments.

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Nasty Girlfriend Jenny Naked Party

October 19th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on Nasty Girlfriend Jenny Naked Party | Filed in Ex Girlfriends

nasty gfs naked party

Somewhere on planet earth, at some point during the course of human history, someone named Jenny had a party. And at Jenny’s party, there were four extremely drunk and horny blonde bitches who thought it was a good idea to get naked and start eating each others’ pussies. And it was a good idea. Many might even say a great idea. But… It didn’t turn out so well for them. For whatever reason, the possibility that these photos might end up on the internet did not cross their inebriated minds, and therefore, we can all enjoy their naked party photos!

Nasty Girlfriends

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